Emergency Portable Generator Day - Part 2 - April 10th 10am - Noon

Our first event was so successful, we are doing it again before monsoon season. Now is a good time to start your generator and make sure everything is working. Bring your potable generator to the stake center parking lot and start and run your generator. We will be meeting in the church parking lot at the Gold Dust Building 6840 E. Gold Dust 10am to Noon..

For MeetUp Info see Link Here

NextDoor Info see Link Here

2021 Emergency Preparedness Webinar Schedule

Link for all Webinars: Link here    Passcode: 321333

All webinars are recorded and posted on this web site

Lessons learned from the Texas Storm: Recording here

  • Water

  • Heat

  • Electricity

  • Food

  • Generator Day

Power outages: Recording here

  • Document outline Link here

  • APS and SRP info

  • How to register for alerts

  • How to register for those with medical conditions

  • Recent topics such as fire mitigation created havoc in the SF Bay area.

  • What events besides storms create outages?

  • Major events that we have seen in the Valley.

Short & Long Term Food Storage (Recording and slide deck here)

  • Items for short term storage

  • How to store

  • Where to purchase and local resources

  • How to get started on Long Term Storage

  • Items to consider for long term storage

  • How to calculate amount needed for long term storage

  • Information received from BYU on storage in temperatures > 90.

Water Storage​ & 72 Hour Kits (Recording and slide deck here)

  • How to store water

  • Where to store
  • Containers
  • Filtering
  • Disinfecting
  • Where to purchase and local resources

Alternate Power and Fuel (Recording and slide deck here)

  • Gas Generators

  • Solar Generators

  • Solar Ovens

  • Portable backup systems

  • Where to purchase and local resources

Why preparation is important to us

David A. Bednar - We will prove them - Link here

W. Christopher Waddell - There was bread - Link here

Home Storage Center Information

Mesa - 235 S. El Dorado Circle, Mesa 480-894-1193 Tues, Thursday, Saturday 10am - 2pm

Gilbert - 1697 E. Williams Field Rd, Behind Deseret Industries  480-282-8664 Weds 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am -2pm

Glendale - 6833 W. Bell Rd 623-334-2485,  Thursday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm

  • First Presidency Statement on Vaccinations:  Link here

  • Phone - 844-542-8201 Many having success calling and speaking to a person and getting an appointment. Just have to stay on the line and continue through the prompt.

  • AZ State vaccine registration:  Link here

  • Maricopa County Vaccination Finder. Includes pharmacies: Link here

  • Banner Registration: Site Link here

  • Honor Health Registration Site: Link here

If you find additional official state or county resources, please email us. Link here 

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