Short Term and Long Term Food Storage


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Long Term Food Storage Presentation

Recorded on 10/6/2020

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What happens if I stored my food storage in the garage:

We emailed Gene Ahlborn Associate Professor, Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science BYU. This was his response.

Depends on what the food is.  Something like sugar will have less impact, as long as it's kept dry.  Foods with fat (brown rice, nuts, etc) and fat soluble vitamins (A, E, D and K) with go through the most degradation.


Anything above 80 degrees will start reducing shelf life quality, and 100 degrees... will cut it in half.  Foods still may be edible but there will be noticeable changes in taste and quality.


Canned foods will fare a little better, as they have already gone through an extreme heat treatment, and things like dry milk, milled grains will have a much shorter shelf life as well.


BYU Food Science has been working on updated literature around this and when it's completed, I can send it out to you.