Emergency Communication

What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio is a radio service authorized by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other similar agencies in other countries. Amateur Radio is also known as Ham Radio. 

To Operate a Ham Radio, you have to be licensed by the FCC. To get your first license, you must pass a 35 question test, getting 26 correct. This test is multiple choice and all allowable questions are published so you can study them. There are excellent study books available that teach you every thing you need to know, plus internet-based practice test to build your proficiency. 

Ham Radio is used to talk with other Hams across the valley, across the nation and around the world. 

Ham Radio is great in emergency, it requires no infrasture.

The Stake has a very active Ham Radio group. Anyone is welcome anytime. We meet every Tuesday night at 7pm at the Stake Center. For more information visit our website. Link here

Lessons Learned from the East Desert Fire and Peakview Fire

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